Bankers, Creditors’ Rights, and Bankruptcy Group

Attorneys in our Banking, Creditors’ Rights, and Bankruptcy group competently advise and aggressively represent financial institutions to enforce their rights and avoid legal problems.  We regularly assist lenders with all aspects of creditors’ rights, bankruptcy law and regulatory matters, from answering day-to-day lending and operational questions to assisting lenders with loan documentation, loan enforcement, loan workout, bankruptcy, and collection.

Our attorneys represent creditors in matters such as real-property foreclosures, foreclosures of security interests in personal property under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, replevin actions, lawsuits against guarantors, and various collection matters.  Because of our significant experience in the enforcement of creditors’ rights, we can offer creative and proactive insight when it comes to negotiating and preparing new loan documents, or restructuring or working-out existing loans.  In addition, we routinely represent creditors in bankruptcy proceedings, and assist secured creditors with issues such as adequate protection and relief from the automatic stay.

We understand that, when faced with a problem credit, a lender’s primary objective is to minimize the risk of loss and maximize recovery, and we approach each case with this objective in mind.  Our attorneys pride themselves in staying on the cutting edge of developments in Kansas law, bankruptcy law, and regulations that affect our clients.  With this knowledge, attorneys in our Banking, Creditors’ Rights, and Bankruptcy Group can quickly and efficiently work with clients in the banking and finance industry to steer clear of legal pitfalls and determine the best strategies to meet their goals.